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General Questions:

What is a Family Physician?

A Family Physician is a doctor who takes care of your whole family. Family Physician specializes in Family Medicine, the medical specialty which provides continuing, comprehensive health care for the individual and family. It is a specialty in breadth that integrates the biological, clinical and behavioral sciences. The scope of family medicine encompasses all ages, both sexes, each organ system and every disease entity.

Family physicians are trained in all areas of medicine. After graduating from medical school, they complete three more years of specialized medical residency training in Family Medicine, and then take examination to become board certified. They continue to educate themselves through continuing medical education. This allows them to apply the latest medical breakthroughs to the everyday care of their patients. Family physicians create caring relationships with patients and their families. They help them make the right health care decisions. They know when to treat a patient, and when to bring in another specialist patient can trust.


How do I make an appointment?

Please call (732) 388-7300 during our office hours and a receptionist will assist you in making your appointment.

What if I need an appointment today?

If you are an established patient and are ill, please call us first thing in the morning. We’ll do everything we can to try to see you that day.

What if I am unable to keep my appointment?

Please be considerate and inform us as soon as you come to know that you will be unable to keep your appointment. This will help us assign the appointment slot to another patient who needs to be seen.

Our Cancellation/ No-Show Policy

Please give us at least 24 hours notice before cancelling your appointment. If you do not call us to cancel your appointment ahead of time or fail to show up without cancelling, you will be charged $25 service fee (the fee will be $50 if the appointment was for a complete physical examination).

What do I need to know prior to my first appointment?

Please make sure that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment time. This is important so you have enough time to fill out some paper work that is required prior to seeing the physicians. Please visit Online Forms section for more details about your first visit.

What do I need to know prior to appointment for a complete physical examination?

Please arrive 5 -10 minutes prior to your appointment time, so as to allow enough time to update any information about yourself/ your insurance before you see the physician. Your provider will order some blood tests based on your specific health needs. If you are planning to get your blood drawn in our office, please do not eat or drink anything except water 10-12 hours prior to the test.

If the appointment is for your child, please bring any forms (such as school/college physical form, sports/camp physical form, medication form for school etc) that need to be filled and signed by the provider. Do not forget to bring a copy of your child’s immunization record.

Billing and Insurance:

What insurance plans do you accept?

For your convenience, we participate with several insurance plans. Please visit our Insurance Information section for details.

What about my Co-Pay/ Deductible?

All co-payments and deductibles must be paid at the time of service. This arrangement is part of your contract with your insurance company. Please contact your insurance company regarding any questions you might have in this regards

Is there a fee for services not covered by my insurance?

We participate with insurance plans for your convenience. This means that we agree to bill your insurance for the services we provide to you. However, not all services we provide are covered by your insurance company. Please refer to Non-Covered Services Fee for the services not covered by your insurance. We appreciate your understanding of these necessary charges as we seek to continue to provide the highest quality medical care that our patients deserve.

Questions for Physicians:

What if I have a medical question for one of the physicians?

If you have a question for one of the physician, please call us and leave a detail message with one of our receptionist/ medical assistant. Physicians are not available to take your call right away because they are busy with the patients all day. However, physicians do check the messages intermittently throughout the day and will return your call as soon as the time allows, usually the same day but sometimes the next day (depending on the urgency of the problem). If you have a phone that blocks calls from 'private' or 'unknow', you will need to unblock that application or the doctors will not be able to reach you on their return call. Please do not call multiple times for the same question as this takes up time of staff and physicians (when they have to review the same message again) and thus delays the call back to you.

What if I need to speak to a physician after office hours?

A physician is available by phone at all times to assist with urgent medical problems. If you need to speak with a physician after hours, please call (732) 388-7300 and follow the prompts to leave a message and your call back number. If you have a phone that blocks calls from 'private' or 'unknow', you will need to unblock that application or the doctors will not be able to reach you on their return call. If you have not received a call after 30 minutes, please page the physician again because sometimes a page may not go through.

Please respect physician’s time and do not leave any non-urgent messages after-hours. Examples of non-emergency issues include requests for treatment of non-urgent conditions, prescription refills, results of laboratory testing, referral requests, authorization for procedures/ prescriptions from your insurance etc. If you call us regarding these issues during our normal office hours, we will be able to address your needs more efficiently and accurately.

Prescription Refills:

What if I need a prescription medicine refilled?

If you need to refill a medicine that was originally prescribed by our physicians AND your last office visit was within last 6 months, you can either call us during normal office hours or have your pharmacist fax us a prescription refill request to our office. Once the request is received, we will review your medical chart and advise you if you are due for a office visit prior to a refill. If you are not due for an office visit, we will fax/ call your prescription to your pharmacy. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for a routine prescription refill.

Please request a prescription refill as soon as you come to know that you are running out of a medicine (again at least 48 hours prior to last pill scheduled time). Please do not call for a routine prescription refill after normal office hours.

Please advise your pharmacy to fax us the prescription refill request only once and then allow us a minimum of 48 hours to honor the request.

Antibiotics Prescriptions:

Please understand that we do not prescribe antibiotics over the phone, except for a rare occasion when we feel it is absolutely necessary. The reason being in most cases we need to see the patient prior to deciding if antibiotics are required for a particular problem. This helps in preventing use of antibiotics when these are not required, thus avoiding harmful side-effects of antibiotics and also preventing the bacteria becoming quickly resistant to antibiotics, ultimately resulting in better care for our patients.

Insurance Coverage/ Pre-authorizations:

Can I schedule a proceedure before getting a pre authoriztion number?

No, you can not schedule a proceedure until you are given a pre authoriztion number for the proceedure in question.

How do I know if my insurance covers it?

There are multiple different insurance policies by multiple insurance companies/ networks. Your health policy is unique to you and your family and may have certain restrictions about various tests, immunizations, procedures etc. While we may have a general idea of what is “usually” covered by most insurance, but it is impossible for us to know your specific coverage and so we may not be able to advise you on “what exactly is covered” by insurance company. Whenever in doubt, it is best for you to check with your insurance company by calling the number on the back of your insurance card.

What if a medication is not covered by my insurance?

We have no way to know which prescriptions are not covered by your insurance plan. If our physicians have recommended a prescription for you and it is not approved by your insurance company, please let us know as sometimes your insurance may approve it after we provide the reason for prescribing a particular medicine to you. On other occasions, insurance may deny even after the facts provided to them and the physician is forced to choose a different medicine for you. Please allow us 3 business days to contact your insurance company and after that wait to get a decision from them.

What if a test/ procedure requires pre-authorization from my insurance?

If a procedure, such as CT scan or MRI, ordered by our physicians requires pre-authorization from your insurance company, please let us know. You can schedule the appointment for the procedure to be done at radiology center while awaiting pre-authorization, but please allow us at least 3 business days (and sometimes longer depending on your insurance company) to discuss your case/ procedure with your insurance company. Whether a procedure will be approved or not by your insurance company is solely their decision and is usually based on your health benefits. Please direct any questions in this regards to your insurance company.

Referrals to Specialists:

What if I need a referral to see a specialist?

Most of the time you need to be seen by a physician in our office before getting a referral to see another specialist. This is important so as to get authorization from your insurance company to see a specialist. We require at least 3 business days to process a routine referral. Urgent referrals will be processed same day if permitted by your insurance company.